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Scotch-Brite? Lint Roller 56 Sheet
The original and best lint grabber that really works! Pack includes1 x lint roller, with 56 sheets Quickly and easily removes lint, pet hair and dust Great for use on clothes, furniture, car seats and countless other surfaces Strong adhesive, exclusive film-backing & one-piece handle for superior performance Refills also available Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller - the original and best lint grabber that really works! Strong adhesive makes the pick-up of lint and pet hair easier than ever! Quickly and easily removes lint, pet hair and dust from clothes, furniture, car seats and countless other surfaces.
Price: 3.47

3M Nexcare? Skin Crack Care Treatment
Improve the look and feel of skin by helping to promote healing of cracked skin on fingers, hands and elbows Nexcare™ Skin Crack Care is an easy-to use, fast drying, clear liquid designed for painful skin cracks Forms a soothing breathable, hypoallergenic and waterproof protection that keeps out water and dirt to protect very dry skin Contains Natural Ingredients (Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C) Supplied in a 7ml applicator bottle From 3M, a world leader in hospital wound care productsNexcare™ skin crack care from 3M is an innovative new product designed to improve the look and feel of skin by helping to promote healing of cracked skin on hands, fingers, feet and elbows. The clear liquid formula contains a unique 3M Polymer together with natural ingredients, vitamin C, vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil. From 3M, a world leader in hospital wound care products
Price: 4.89

Scotch® Original Packaging Tape Buff With Dispenser
Brown Packing Tape Great for sealing boxes Preloaded dispenser Easy and accurate 50mm x 20m Original brown packaging tape - made even easier with an integrated dispenser. Perfect for home or office when you don't want a bulky 'gun' dispenser taking up space!
Price: 2.32

Scotch-Brite? Kitchen Cloth 2 Pk
The ultimate kitchen cloths! Micro-fibreconstructionabsorbs up to 50%more than traditional dishcloths Scours, lifts and traps messes and spillson dishes andworktops Rinses and wrings easily, then dries quickly toreduce bacterial growth Pack includes 2 cloths. Each cloth measures 30cm x 32cm Get your surfaces sparkling with ourmicro-fibre kitchencloths, which are highly absorbent, long-lasting and reuseable Clean the kitchen faster with these quick-drying cloths, which absorb up to 50% more than traditional dishcloths. They're great for cleaning dishes, mopping up spills and wiping kitchen surfaces, and can be washed and used again up to 50 times!
Price: 3.91

Scotch-Brite? Microfibre Bathroom Cloth
Microfibre technology - cleans without chemicals Super absorbent Use wet or dry for smear free results For all bathroom surfaces Washable up to 50 times at 95C Includes 1 cloth Our Scotch-Brite ™ Bathroom Cloth is super absorbent and willclean and shine all bathroom surfaces without smearing. For sinks, taps, tiles, baths andshower cubicles. Use wet or dry forsmear free results with or without chemicals.
Price: 2.92

Scotch-Brite? Easy Erasing Pad Pk 2
Cleans crayon, pen, scuff marks or hard water stains White layer acts like an eraser, breaking down over time as it cleans Durable blue urethane layer keeps your hands out of the mess Effective cleaning without harsh chemicals 2 Pads per pack From everyday cleaning to the toughest stains, get the job done faster with our range of durable sponges and scourers. Designed to clean the impossible - crayon, pen, scuff marks or hard water stains - quickly and easily. The next-generation foam material cleans without using harsh chemicals, while the durable blue urethane layer keeps your hands out of the mess. Just add a little water, squeeze out the excess and you're ready to go!
Price: 1.94

Scotch-Brite? Microfibre Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth
Non-scratchUse wet or dryWashableIdeal for dusting and cleaning Suitable for all surfaces Absorbent Smear Free, Non Scratch Use Wet or Dry Use with or without chemicals Absorbent and dries quickly Washable up to 50 times at 95C
Price: 3.91

Nexcare? Coldhot? Cool Patches For Kids Headaches
Quick cooling relief for migraine and headaches that lasts up to 4 hours Kid size gel strips which stay in place by gently sticking to the skin Natural, non medicinal treatment allows use with traditional medicines Ready to use, no need for refridgeration Menthol aroma gently eases breathing Pack includes 4 cool gel strips, each measuring 11cm x 5cmNexcare™ Coldhot™ Cool Patches are gel strips that provide a cooling effect that lasts for up to 4 hours. They're ideal for the treatment of headaches and migraines, providing immediate relief by gently cooling the skin. They stay in place by gently sticking to the skin, are easily removed and are non medicinal, so can be used with traditional medicines. Please read directions before use
Price: 2.93

Structural Glazing Presser
Ensures consistent pressure is applied along the length of the 3M VHB tapeHelps the 3M VHB tape to reach it's optimum bonding strengthAdjustable rollers so the device can accomodate different size unitsThe structural glazing presser is a pneumatic device with 3 adjustable rollers. The purpose of the device is to apply pressure to a surface which has 3M VHB tape laminated to it; the rollers ensure that aqdequate force is applied to the unit to enable the tape to bond to its full strength on the surface. The device is then rolled along the surface to ensure that a consistent pressure is applied along the entire length of the unit.
Price: 1380.00

ScotchCode® Write-On Marker Dispensers
Resists dirt, oil, heat and moisture leaving markers clean & dry. Transparent overwrap with self-laminating protects printing area. Ergonomically designed dispenser means the markers are easy to use. Multitude of applications from industry to the home. Comes complete with marker pen and a refill roll of labels. These three self-laminating write-on marker dispensers are handy for identifying wire and cable as well as household, automotive, plumbing and sporting equipment.They are easy to use, refillable and come with an SMP permanent marking pen and refill roll of 250 labels. Ideal for your toolbox, or equally as useful in your office or around your home. Applications: Home use: VCRs, TVs, cable, stereo components, phones, computers, luggage, satellite installation Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements: home security, sprinkler systems, sound systems, exterior lighting design Automotive: plugs, hoses, spark plugs, stereos, car alarms Plumbing: pipes, hoses, tubes, parts, vents Sporting Equipment: golf clubs, camping equipment, bags, bats, fishing rods, rackets, bicycles Equipment Identification: hand and power tools
Price: 20.88

Post-it® Recycled Notes Tower Of 16 Pads Yellow 76x76mm
Post-it Notes and packaging that are kinder to the environment. Notes are made from 100% recycled material, but same sticking power as regular Post-it Notes. Unique tower pack offers easy storage while elimiating the need for individual plastic wraps. Tower pack also made from recycled materials. Includes 16 pads, each pad measures 76 x 76mm. Each pad has 100 sheets.Do your bit for the environment by choosing this recycled tower pack of 100% recycled Post-it Notes.
Price: 19.27

3M SandBlaster? Sanding Sponge Coarse 60 Grit 'Paint Stripping'
Sand faster and last longer than conventional abrasives of comparable grits. Ideal for both flat and slightly contoured surfaces - such as raised panel doors, cabinets and windows. Durable foam construction which makes them easy and comfortable to hold. Provide a smooth, uniform finish - used wet or dry. Washable and reusable. Includes 1 SandBlaster™ Sanding Sponge. Also available in 180 or 100 grit.SandBlaster™ sanding sponges sand faster and last longer than conventional abrasives of comparable grits. They're comfortable to use and will save you time versus regular sanding papers. And when you're done, simply wash them out and re-use!
Price: 2.99

Nomad 4300 Tackmat / Tacky Mat 0.45 x 1.15 M
Tacky mat-Dirt and dust stick to it easy to peel multi layer sheets sticks down to hardfloor surfaces Ideal for laboratory, paintshop, clean room , computor rooms ,transition zones Each mat has 40 sheets 6 mats per case
Price: 265.81

3M Wetordry? Sandpaper Assorted Grit 230mmx280mm Pk 4
Assorted pack containing 1x Coarse (P240) 2 Medium (P400) 1x Fine (P600) Silicone carbide - for a smooth finish. 3M Wetordry™ sandpaper is waterproof and can be used wet to reduce dust. Each sheet measures 230mm x 280mm. This pack contains 4 sheets. From 3M, inventors of the first sandpapers. 3M Wetordry™ sandpaper is waterproof and can be used wet to reduce dust.Made from Silicone carbide for an extra smooth finish.
Price: 2.49

Scotchgard? Clothing & Leather Protector 400ml
Scotchgard™ Protector for clothing and leather productsForms an invisible barrier and protects natural materials from liquids such as wine, coffee or from oil stainsIdeal for all fabric clothing and accessories include suede, nubuck and natural leatherDoes not alter the original look & feel of the materialPart of a new range of wipes, cleaners and sprays with Scotchgard™ ProtectorIncludes 1 x 400ml canScotchgard™ Protectors form an invisible barrier which repels water-based liquid such as rain, wine and coffee and helps protect against stains. Trust Scotchgard™ Protectors to protect your clothes or soft furnishings, helping them stay looking new and clean for longer. But without altering the look, feel or breathability of fabrics. TOP TIP: Test the product on an inconspicious area and allow to dry for 12 hours, this will enable you to check the colourfastness of the material and ensure that the material is not affected in any way
Price: 5.87

Scotch® Magic? Matte Tape 19mm x 7.5m & Dispenser
Our most popular tape - it's Magic!It's invisible in use and can be written on.Ideal for paper repairs and sealing. It won't ghost on photocopies or yellow with age.Pulls off the roll easily, cuts cleanly and resists yellowing and drying out. Includes one roll of Scotch Magic Tape 19mm 7.5m. Virtually invisible when applied, this is the essential tape for the office or home - available on the traditional roll or in a range of colourful dispensers
Price: 1.16

3M Red-Tag? Locking Bar Without Security Strip Pk 500
Removing barriers to sales 500 per box A DVD protected with Red-Tag™ is impossible to open Can only be de-secured at Checkout with a specially adapted remover Red-Tag™ is an exclusive technology that is the next step in security solutions for DVD retailers.Unobtrusive, highly secure and able to maximise your space (up to 50% smaller than traditional Safers).Red-Tag™ uses a sophisticated RF circuit contained in a small tag that fits snugly inside the DVD case and is deactivated and easily removed at checkout to be used and re-used again
Price: 431.25

3M Aluminium Foil Tape 1436, 50mm x 50m, 1 Roll
Aluminium foil combined with high tack rubber adhesive and easy release liner. Holds and seals on a variety of surfaces.Offers excellent flame, moisture, weather and chemical resistance for a variety of demanding applications in aerospace, automotive and many other segments. Meets flammability rating according to DIN 4102B1.Thermally conductive for heating/cooling efficiency.Tape dimensions - 50mm x 55m.Sold as single roll.3M Aluminium foil tapes offer excellent flame, moisture, weather and chemical resistance for a variety of demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, appliance, maintenance, repair and operations and many more segments. They are also thermally conductive for heating/cooling efficiency.The information provided is based on 3M experience. In all cases full testing should be carried out to determine suitability for intended use. If you need any guidance regarding applications or product selection, please call the 3M Tapes & Adhesives helpdesk on 0870 608 0050; open weekdays 9 am - 5 pm.
Price: 5.36



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